Is Muay Thai dangerous?

Muay Thai is not dangerous, Muay Thai fighters are dangerous. Injuries in Muay Thia training (as opposed to fighting ) are extremely rare. Practiced under the eye of an experienced and qualified professional trainer, Muay Thai is less “dangerous” than many other sports.

Should I be scared of getting hit?

You won’t be unless you want to be. Muay Thai starts with cardiovascular conditioning, stances, footwork, and basic kicks and punches – in the air, in shadow-boxing and then against Thai pads or the heavy bag. Sparring starts with simple manouvres and is first of all about correct technique and strategy.

If you want to fight, Rob can train you to fight.

What if I’m too unfit?

If you can make a fist, you can make a start. Rob adjusts the demands of each workout to ensure that each student benefits. But you’ll get fitter. If you train regularly you will lose fat, improve muscle tone and get increased energy. Expect to have to buy new clothes.

What do I need to bring?

An open mind and a determination to learn. Along with that, gym clothes (good sneakers, loose-fitting shorts and a shirt) and a water bottle. If you want to buy your own skipping rope it’s about $10, and boxing gloves range from $50 – $80 – booth of them will last years.

Is it healthy?

Everybody is different, but no matter who you are or how fit you are or are not, Muay Thai training can improve your health. Doctors (I’m one) recommend regular high intensity, “whole body” exercise like Muay Thai as the most effective way to improve cardiovascular fitness, core body strength, co-ordination, flexibility, explosive strength, mood, blood sugar control, blood pressure control, obesity and cholesterol. If you have specific health concerns, we can address them.